Bold Strategy Unveiled: The Future Path for Abortion

I embraced Republican values at the age of 20, initially drawn by the party’s stance on abortion. My journey into the GOP began after becoming a Christian, where exposure to the horrors of abortion on AM Christian radio in Akron, Ohio, prompted a shift from my Democratic upbringing. Abandoning my roots, I prioritized the pro-life cause upon discovering the gruesome reality of tearing babies apart or suctioning them from their mothers’ wombs. The mental image of such brutality continues to evoke deep revulsion.

Four decades later, as a grandmother to three precious souls, the sanctity of life remains paramount. My perspective is shaped by the profound moments of holding each grandchild hours after birth, marveling at their tiny faces, hands, and feet. One of my grandsons, Luke, born with a rare genetic condition, personifies the extraordinary resilience of life. Despite developmental differences, our unique bond reflects pure bliss in our communication.

The recent passage of Ohio Issue 1, outlawing bans on aborting unborn children with disabilities, deeply disturbs me. This constitutional amendment enshrines abortion at virtually any stage and for any reason. It represents a tragic departure from protecting innocent lives, especially those with disabilities, perpetuating a culture where children with Down syndrome become increasingly rare.

The reasons behind Issue 1’s passage include poor messaging and insufficient pro-life advocacy. The Left capitalized on misinformation, creating false narratives like denying care to women who miscarry. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s tepid opposition and the lack of a robust pro-life campaign allowed the Left to control the narrative, influencing voters through disinformation.

While critics suggest Issue 1 signals the death knell for the pro-life movement, the true lessons lie in the susceptibility of voters to disinformation and the nuanced perspectives on banning abortion in cases of rape. As a staunch pro-life advocate, I believe now is a time for pragmatism. Ohio Issue 1 may be entrenched, but other states and candidates must consider alternative focuses such as immigration and the economy.

However, abandoning the fight to protect the unborn is not an option. It is a time for courage, not fear. The Republican Party risks losing its essence if it abandons abortion as an issue. Social conservatives, guided by a higher calling, will not support a party that forsakes the sanctity of life. The prediction is clear: Republicans cannot win elections if they forsake the unborn, risking a complete takeover by the Uni-Party and alienating a significant voter base committed to defending the most vulnerable among us.

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