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Smithsonian Museum Kicks Out Pro-Life Catholic Students

It was all about blue hats. A group of Catholic school students visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after participating in the annual March for Life. They were asked to remove their hats because of a pro-life message.

The hats had the message “Rosary Pro-life” on them. The students in the group all wore identical hats and they were used for identification purposes. The blue hats helped identify the members of the group and keep them together. Using a piece of clothing is common for school groups. Most use identical t-shirts but hats are used, too. It’s winter and the hats look to be knit hats commonly worn in cold weather.

Student Patrick Murphy and American Center for Law and Justice’s Jordan Sekulow were interviewed by Fox’s Sean Hannity. Patrick told his story. He said the students were approached by two women dressed in black. Read more…

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