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Outrageous: NJ School and Sex-Ed Group Distributing ‘Tucking’ Kits

In recent years, parents across the nation have found themselves engaged in an ongoing battle with progressive-leaning local school districts. Many of these districts have embraced a progressive worldview, resulting in the teaching of sexual identity topics that parents find inappropriate for their children, even at a kindergarten level.

This includes the idea that boys can become girls and vice versa, as well as discussions of puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and other procedures that can significantly impact a child’s life. Some schools have even been involved in helping children transition to the opposite sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

A recent report from the Daily Wire has revealed that a school district in New Jersey is collaborating with a sex education organization that offers “gender-affirming” kits to schools. These kits include items like “tucking underwear,” chest binders, and devices designed to allow girls to urinate while standing. This partnership adds to the concerns of many parents.

The sex education organization, HiTOPS, describes itself as dedicated to “inclusive and youth-informed sex education and LGBTQ+ support for young people throughout New Jersey.” Correspondence between HiTOPS and the Princeton Public School (PPS) district shows the organization sending lesson plans and promotional materials to PPS. This included flyers promoting “gender-affirming kits” containing various gender-related items.

Teachers are also encouraged to inform students that a baby’s gender is assigned at birth and that what they are assigned might not necessarily align with their later self-identification. They are instructed to “affirm” various gender identities, including using preferred pronouns. These concepts have raised significant concerns among parents.

Parents Defending Education (PDE) has criticized these materials, particularly for instructing teachers to ask students how they want to be referred to in front of their parents, thus promoting secrecy. PDE also argues that the lessons present to children that sex is assigned at birth and that there are numerous genders, among other contentious issues.

The superintendent of PPS, Carol Kelly, has cited the need to comply with LGBT inclusion and diversity laws in the state as the reason for the district’s partnership with HiTOPS. This issue continues to be a source of concern for parents and underscores the ongoing conflict over education and values in America’s schools.

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