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Video: Family Gets Kicked Off Flight Because Two-Year-Old Wasn’t Wearing Mask

Video footage from a Spirit Airlines flight shows a family with a pregnant mother, a special needs child, and a two-year-old daughter being kicked off the flight by an irate flight attendant because the two-year-old was not “complying” with her demands to wear a mask.

The flight attendant was reportedly deplaned and replaced at the the boarding terminal, and the family was eventually allowed back on board the flight.

In the footage, the family repeatedly asks why they are being kicked off the plane, and are met with the response of “noncompliance with the mask” and “you’re not complying.”

The attendant eventually reveals that the two-year-old not wearing a mask is what is driving her to tell the family to exit the plane. Despite other passengers speaking up to defend the family, the attendant remains insistent that they leave the plane…

Police were also reportedly called to the scene. Read more…

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