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War on DEI: Higher Ed Faces Shocking Elimination Battle

In the ongoing battle against the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ideology in universities, conservatives see both victories and challenges. Despite recent setbacks, including Supreme Court rulings and state-level actions restricting DEI staffing, colleges and universities continue to intensify their commitment to DEI. Recent examples include the University of Michigan, which launched a new DEI program, and Princeton University celebrating the expansion of its DEI initiatives.

The conservative perspective emphasizes that DEI bureaucracies are not the sole drivers of the ideology’s propagation. The crucial factor lies in a critical mass of professors and administrators adhering to DEI principles. Efforts to control dissenting voices are observed through hiring practices infused with DEI criteria. Job postings, such as those at Suffolk University, Syracuse, UCLA Law, NYU Law, and the University of Washington, reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion, with diversity statements becoming commonplace.

Conservatives highlight the use of “citational justice” in academia, where scholars are cited based on identity rather than the merit of their ideas. This practice influences promotion and tenure decisions, creating a potential bias in favor of scholars who align with DEI ideologies. The conservative viewpoint underscores the challenges faced by heterodox faculty members like David Porter, who, despite raising concerns about DEI-based criteria, faced administrative sanctions and professional consequences.

While there has been some progress against DEI on campuses, conservatives stress that the fight is far from over. Efforts to defund DEI bureaucracies need to continue, but the real challenge lies in shifting the mindset of faculty and administrators who overwhelmingly support DEI. The conservative call is to replace closed-minded commissars with open-minded educators committed to fostering an environment where the pursuit of truth is paramount.

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