Debate Settled: Shocking Revelation – We’re All Christian Nationalists!

The debate around Christian nationalism has been unmasked as a deceptive ploy, revealing its true purpose – an attempt to slander sincere Christians who believe in the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence. Recent events have exposed the agenda behind this non-debate, as it aimed to brand Christianity with white nationalism. The Spirit of the Age, demanding compliance rather than forgiveness, seeks to undermine the cultural heritage and faith of those who hold to the belief that our rights come from God and not the government.

Politicopublished an article that expressed incredulity towards Christian nationalists who believe in concepts like “natural law” or the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” This attempt to mock foundational principles led to an MSNBC appearance where the co-author of the piece claimed that anyone believing our rights come from God and not government bears the “mark” of a Christian nationalist. In essence, those who understand America’s mission statement in the Declaration of Independence are deemed a menace to society by the Spirit of the Age.

The cynical and demonic ploy behind this non-debate aimed to rebrand Christianity with white nationalism. Democrats, recognizing the significant support of white evangelicals for Republicans, seized the opportunity to smear this vital voting base. Unfortunately, well-meaning Christians fell into the trap, engaging in sincere debates over issues that were never meant to be sincere. The forces attempting to dismantle the exceptional qualities of America are now declaring guilt upon anyone who loves the Lord and respects the nation’s actual history.

As the debate that never truly existed comes to an end, it becomes clear that we are all branded as Christian nationalists by the very forces seeking to erase the remnants of an exceptional country. The Spirit of the Age offers no forgiveness, only demanding compliance. It is a one-way street, and every turn onto Tolerance Boulevard reveals a stark reality – the debate was a sham, and the agenda was always to condemn those who hold to faith and American values.

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