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Shocking Impact: American Kids Forced Out as Border Crisis Worsens

The Democrats’ lax approach to border security is transforming the entire United States into what feels like a refugee camp, and the consequences are becoming more apparent, particularly in major cities. Recently, a Brooklyn high school, home to around 4,000 students, notified parents that due to its conversion into a refugee camp for approximately 1,900 foreign individuals, the quality of remote instruction would inevitably suffer. This move highlights the impact of open-border policies not only on large and sanctuary cities but also on communities across America.

Conservatives are quick to point out that Brooklyn overwhelmingly supported Joe Biden, the architect of the current border crisis, with 74% of the vote. This situation, where American students are displaced to accommodate foreign migrants, raises safety concerns and draws attention to the broader challenge of providing quality education, especially after years of pandemic-related disruptions.

Beyond Brooklyn, conservatives are highlighting instances in places like the Twin Cities, where a previous influx of foreigners, primarily Somalis, has contributed to the transformation of certain areas into no-go zones. In St. Paul schools, staff members express feeling unsafe due to escalating violence, with only a fifth of students meeting math and reading benchmarks. Critics argue that the influx of foreign-born English language learners, coupled with the strain on already struggling public institutions, is detrimental to the education system.

The impact of the open border is not confined to specific regions; it’s spreading across the nation. The Biden administration’s strategy of relocating pockets of “refugees” and questionable asylum seekers to various cities is making the border problem a national issue. Instances like an Afghan “refugee” being charged with rape in Billings, Montana, add fuel to conservative arguments against the open-door policy.

Conservative perspectives emphasize that admitting illegal border crossers to public schools goes against the rights of American citizen children to an effective education. Critics argue that it is not the responsibility of the American government to cater to the needs of every child worldwide, emphasizing the logistical challenges and existential threats posed to taxpayers and communities. The influx of people who may not assimilate and, instead, become radicalized against the country raises concerns about the long-term consequences of these policies.

In essence, conservatives contend that the open-border approach is undermining the core duty of the government to secure the rights of its own citizens. The idea that public spaces like libraries, schools, and parks are becoming inhospitable due to individuals breaking the law and exploiting American goodwill is unacceptable to many conservatives. They argue for a reevaluation of immigration policies to prioritize the well-being and rights of American citizens over mass acceptance of those who may not contribute positively to the country.

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