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Doctor Under Attack After Exposing Trans Clinic Issues

On June 23, 2023, what should have been a joyous occasion for Eithan Haim turned into an alarming situation when Department of Health and Human Services agents showed up at his apartment. He was celebrating his graduation from medical residency, an achievement that marked the initiation of his career as a general surgeon. However, the visit was far from celebratory; it turned out that Haim was the subject of a criminal investigation regarding medical records. The investigation was seemingly connected to his role as an anonymous whistleblower for a significant story on secretive transgender surgeries involving minors at a prominent hospital.

For Haim, the decision to become a whistleblower was unexpected, driven by a sense of responsibility as a doctor. His involvement began when he stumbled upon an investigation by The Daily Wire into Vanderbilt University’s transgender clinic. This expose revealed concerning information about irreversible treatments, such as double mastectomies, being performed on children.

Although Texas Children’s Hospital publicly announced a halt to “gender-affirming services” following Attorney General Ken Paxton’s opinion, Haim uncovered disturbing incidents contradicting this statement. Despite the hospital’s assurances, he learned about surgeries like implanting puberty blockers into an 11-year-old girl who identified as transgender. Witnessing this discrepancy, Haim felt compelled to reveal the hospital’s true actions and the misleading narrative they presented to the public.

When City Journal’s Christopher Rufo published the evidence exposing Texas Children’s Hospital’s continued performance of sex-change procedures, it created a significant impact. The story prompted swift legislative action with the passing of SB-14, officially banning transgender procedures for minors in Texas. However, the revelation led to Haim being targeted for leaking the information, prompting a Department of Justice investigation.

Despite Haim’s claims that the published information was de-identified data and compliant with HIPAA regulations, the federal investigation persisted. He firmly believes that the investigation is politically driven to silence whistleblowers and prevent exposure of similar programs in other hospitals.

While Haim has not been charged with any crimes, the federal investigation continues, raising questions about how he was identified as the whistleblower. Additionally, suspicious negative WebMD reviews, using language reminiscent of Haim’s statements in the whistleblower story, emerged following the investigation.

Facing substantial legal expenses and potential repercussions, Haim remains steadfast in his commitment to fighting against what he perceives as institutionalized medical corruption. He has exhausted his savings and seeks support for his legal defense, asserting that the fight is crucial, and he won’t yield to pressure or intimidation.

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