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Not Much Difference: Vaxx Hysteria, and Biblical Sodom

Humanity is being divided into two distinct groups, with an ever-shrinking gray area in the middle. There are many differences between these groups, but the most fundamental difference is that one side attracts people who fear God – truly fear Him – and the other does not.

There are certainly “religious” people on the other side. There is no shortage of religious leaders of every denomination who support forcibly injecting people with a vaccine and dehumanizing those who resist. These people are indispensable to the anti-God side; for evil to really thrive it needs a kosher stamp.

This week we read about Sodom, which seems to be the role model for much of the “enlightened” world today. The people of Sodom were not savages in the jungle; they were wealthy and sophisticated. Naturally, they only wanted to live among “elites” such as themselves. To prevent undesirables from spoiling their refined ecosystem, the people of Sodom legalized persecuting them. Giving charity to a poor person or shelter to a traveler were strictly prohibited. This was for the greater good, of course, to protect the wealth of the city. Read more…

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