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Strange: 77% of White Students Get Admitted If They Hide Their Race

White college students are ditching their “white privilege” in droves to huge success…

From The Hill, “More than a third of white students lie about their race on college applications, survey finds”:
A survey from Intelligent found that 34 percent of white students who applied to colleges and universities falsely claimed they were a racial minority on their application.

The publication found that 81 percent of students who faked minority status did so to improve their chances of getting accepted. Fifty percent of students who lied said they did it to get minority-focused financial aid…

If “Rachel” Levine can become our “first female four-star admiral,” why can’t white students choose to “identify” as any race they please?

If “white privilege” were real, as college professors tell us it is every day, these students would actually be at a disadvantage for “lying” about their race. Read more…

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