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How Democrats Use Abortion to Steal Souls

Afriend of mine once told me about a troubling conversation with a coworker. The coworker agreed with the Republican Party about taxes, government spending, all the usual fiscal conservative issues. Nevertheless he said he could never vote for the GOP because he claimed Republicans were “obsessed” with abortion. He said he didn’t understand why this one issue was so important to the GOP and as long as it was the pro-life party, he couldn’t support them.

Even though this man was opposed to almost every position of the Democratic Party, abortion kept him squarely on the Left. He never got the irony that despite agreeing with the GOP about nearly everything he wouldn’t vote Republican because of their supposed obsession with abortion.

Leftists are irony-proof.

The whole thing bemused my friend. She couldn’t understand why one issue had such importance to this man. I said that I believed the man had had at least one child of his aborted. She said that was right; she knew it for a fact. And there’s the rub. That is what this is all about. This man has to vote for Democrats because the Democrats tell him that he didn’t have his own child killed. Democrats tell him a blob of cells was removed from his sex partner’s body. No harm, no foul. If the pro-lifers are right about abortion how can this man—and millions more like him—live with what they have done? Read more…

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