Shock: CIA Refused to Prosecute Child Sex Criminals

At least 10 employees of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as contractors working with the agency, have allegedly been committing sexual crimes against children without punishment for the last 14 years, according to an investigative report by BuzzFeed.

The claims stem from hundreds of documents featuring internal agency reports that were obtained and compiled by BuzzFeed through numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Allegedly, despite most of the cases in question being referred to U.S. attorneys for prosecution, criminal charges were only brought against one individual. The rest of the cases were ultimately dealt with internally, which usually led to no more than possible loss of employment and revoking of security clearances. Staffers at the CIA claim that the agency tries to avoid prosecution as often as possible because such legal processes could ostensibly expose state secrets. Read more…

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