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Democrats Exposed: Late-Term Abortion Lies for Political Gain!

In a recent exchange within the Senate Judiciary Committee, a pair of Democrats resorted to falsehoods to defend their stance on abortion, demonstrating the lengths to which even advocates of abortion will go to justify their position. Senator Peter Welch of Vermont and Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois inaccurately portrayed late-term abortions as exceedingly rare and justified only in cases of medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities. Their statements, however, contradict documented evidence and serve to obfuscate the reality of late-term abortion practices.

Contrary to the assertions made by Welch and Durbin, late-term abortions are not as rare as claimed. Reports from reputable sources such as The Atlantic and The New Yorker have revealed that elective late-term abortions constitute a significant portion of abortion procedures performed in certain facilities. The deliberate denial of this reality, especially by proponents of unrestricted abortion, highlights the cognitive dissonance inherent in defending the termination of healthy, viable fetuses.

The psychological necessity to maintain a positive self-image while advocating for abortion drives individuals like Welch and Durbin to downplay the prevalence and ethical implications of late-term abortions. Acknowledging the inherent barbarity of these procedures challenges their perception of themselves as morally upright individuals. Thus, they resort to distortion and evasion to reconcile their support for abortion with their innate understanding of its moral reprehensibility.

The attempt to shift blame for late-term abortions onto restrictive state laws or difficulties in accessing earlier abortions reflects a conscious effort to deflect responsibility. By insinuating that external factors force women into late-term abortions, proponents of abortion seek to alleviate their own culpability and justify their advocacy for unrestricted access to abortion throughout pregnancy.

Despite attempts to conceal the gruesome reality of late-term abortions, the undeniable humanity of the unborn persists. Advancements in medical imaging technology have made it impossible to ignore the humanity of fetuses, prompting individuals to confront the ethical implications of abortion more directly. Nevertheless, proponents of abortion continue to perpetuate misinformation and evade accountability, driven by their unwavering commitment to abortion rights at any cost.

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