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Survey: Americans Not Optimistic for Improvement on Key Issues in 2023

Americans are not optimistic that key issues will improve over the next year, a recent survey from The Economist/YouGov found.

The survey asked respondents, “In 2023, do you think things will be better or worse than they were in 2022” when it comes to inflation — a top issue for midterm election voters.

Only 27 percent expressed confidence that inflation will improve in the next year, and of those, just five percent said it will be “much better.”

Meanwhile, 46 percent believe it will get worse, and 24 percent said it will get “much worse.” Another 16 percent said they expect no change.

The pessimistic trend is consistent with a variety of issues. For instance, just 24 percent believe the national economy will improve this year, compared to 45 percent who believe it will worsen. Read more…

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