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Wow: Students Now Outright Punished Into Trans Ideology

We’ve all heard a lot about “transphobic bullying” these last few years, with everything from “misgendering” to disagreement with the tenets of gender ideology being recast as triggers for transgender suicidal ideation in order to strongarm everyone into silence.

We hear much less of this sort of bullying—the hostile demands of activists, educators, and gatekeepers that everyone either agree with the aims of the transgender agenda or keep their mouths shut.

The latest example of this was described in the Daily Mail by John James, a teacher at a private Home Counties school in the U.K. where a girl was forced to leave after expressing her views on gender ideology. An 18-year-old girl in sixth form asked a visiting baroness from the House of Lords sceptical questions about gender ideology, noting her view that biological sex is real.

This, James noted, resulted in her being “surrounded and shouted at by a group of fellow sixth formers in a incident that forced her to leave the school”. Read more…

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