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Unbelievable! Texas University Offers Degrees in ‘Victim Studies

It is truly disheartening to see that Sam Houston State University is now offering degrees in “Victim Studies.” This further demonstrates the absurdity of our education system, where useless courses in woke ideology are being peddled as legitimate degrees. It seems that being perpetually discontent and ungrateful is now considered an essential skill. This is not a joke—it is a sad reflection of the state of higher education in America.

According to the university’s website, the Department of Victim Studies claims to be the first of its kind in the nation. Students in this program will be indoctrinated into the worst aspects of woke ideology, learning about perceived oppression and victimization. It is highly likely that their education will be tainted by leftist propaganda, leaving little room for diverse perspectives or critical thinking. What practical skills will these graduates acquire, other than the ability to protest and join the ranks of radical activists?

The department proudly boasts its collaboration with the Crime Victim’s Institute, focusing on research related to victimization. However, it is important to question whether woke college students, who have spent years absorbing ideological narratives, are truly the most qualified individuals to help victims of abuse. The real-world expertise and experience of professionals in law enforcement, criminal justice, and social services far outweigh the theoretical knowledge gained in these victim studies programs.

The university lists potential career paths for graduates, including victim service agencies, social service agencies, and law enforcement. However, what we truly need in these fields are individuals who prioritize justice and public safety over divisive ideological agendas. The idea of having more woke activists infiltrating law enforcement and the legal profession is concerning, as it detracts from the core purpose of these institutions.

By offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Victim Studies, Sam Houston State University is perpetuating a culture of victimhood and promoting a fake discipline. This decision only serves to normalize victimization and further divorce our society from reality. It is unfortunate to witness academia embrace such ideological extremes, and it is likely that other universities will follow suit if this trend continues.

Sam Houston, a historical figure who valued courage and resilience, would be appalled to see his name associated with this misguided academic pursuit. Instead of encouraging critical thinking and fostering intellectual growth, universities like Sam Houston State are undermining the true purpose of education. It is essential to challenge the legitimacy of such programs and demand a return to a more balanced and rigorous academic environment.

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