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Trump’s Bold Plan: Abolish the Department of Education

Former President Donald Trump has unveiled his 10-part education policy, part of his Agenda47, with a promise to abolish the federal Department of Education. Trump argues that the United States spends more on education than any other country in the world but achieves poor outcomes, ranking at the bottom in various educational metrics. He criticizes the current education system for its focus on inappropriate racial, sexual, and political material, calling for a refocusing on preparing children for success in the workforce and life.

According to Trump, schools should prioritize education, preparing the next generation, and supplying the American workforce with skilled workers. He emphasizes the importance of providing children with the skills to secure great jobs and become happy, prosperous, and independent citizens. Trump expresses concern about the impact of current educational policies under the Biden administration, characterizing them as Marxist and communist.

Trump’s 10-part education policy includes respecting parents’ rights in education, empowering parents and school boards to address poor educators and principals, removing politics from education in favor of essential subjects, teaching love of the country, reinstating prayer in schools, improving school safety, supporting school choice, implementing project-based learning for workforce readiness, providing access to internships and work experience, and assisting school staff in career counseling and job placement.

He emphasizes the importance of ensuring a great education for every American child, suggesting that the plan will begin with the early abolition of the federal Department of Education. Trump argues that education should be managed at the state level, believing states can do a better job than the federal government, which has failed to deliver results despite high spending per pupil.

In conclusion, former President Trump’s education policy proposal aims to address what he sees as the deficiencies in the current education system, focusing on outcomes, parental rights, workforce readiness, and returning control to the states.

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