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The Dangers of Naivete in a Dangerous Country

In aa dangerous world, and an increasingly dangerous country, utopian thinking gets people into trouble. We’ve all heard by now about the couple backpacking in Afghanistan that was beheaded by Taliban, or the British girls in Rotherham left unsupervised in the Pakistani neighborhood. Stories stack up of German and Swedish girls refusing to report their rapists to avoid being called “racists,” and we Americans all know of the tragedy of Mollie Tibbetts, or the Knoxville Horror. Countless Americans fall prey to believing that their gentle raising makes it a thing of the past, or a thing of “racist” myth, to ever land into trouble somewhere in the ghetto.

From Summit News:

A 31-year-old female scholar who wrote a paper attempting to prove America’s criminal justice system was racist was viciously stabbed to death by a black homeless male in Chicago. This story is developing; you can watch an analysis of events here…

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