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Texas School District Votes to Allow Guns for Trained Staff

The Uvalde, Texas, school shooting earlier this year was yet another heartbreaking and tragic example of a bad guy taking advantage of a soft target, knowing full well that resistance would be minimal and body counts would be high.

While anti-gunners consider firearms dangerous simply for existing, common sense, logical-thinking people understand that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun — an active shooter — is by giving trained good guys a gun. Nothing is guaranteed in any situation, but it boosts the odds of survival of the children, which is all that matters.

According to CBS News, that’s exactly what’s happening in a North Texas school district this week. The Keller Independent School District just became the largest school district in Texas to authorize its teachers to join the state’s Guardian program, which puts firearms within reach of qualified teachers and staff in instances when an armed defense could save the lives of schoolchildren. Read more…

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