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Shocking Revelation: Election Official Altered Results in Virginia 2020

Amidst the persistent assertions by Democrats and the media regarding the 2020 election’s security, recent court revelations have unveiled allegations of misconduct by the former general registrar of Prince William County, Virginia. The indicted former official, Michele White, is accused of purportedly “changing election results” within the state’s reporting system during the 2020 presidential election, as disclosed in court documents obtained by Just the News.

In a county where Joe Biden secured 54% of the vote compared to Donald Trump’s 44%, White faces indictments related to corrupt conduct, making false statements, and neglect of duty as an election officer. Her trial, scheduled from January 16 to January 26, 2024, is set to delve into the allegations surrounding the alteration of election outcomes through the state’s reporting system.

White’s abrupt resignation from her role in 2021, following the elections board’s request for her departure, has spurred heated debate. The current general registrar disputes the claims, asserting that White’s actions did not sway election results, thereby challenging the impact of the alleged alterations on the election’s overall outcome.

White has asserted that her resignation and the subsequent legal proceedings against her are politically motivated, linking them to a purported agenda to showcase the need for an Election Integrity Unit under the state’s new Republican leadership. Despite her claims, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares’ office affirmed the legitimacy of the indictments, refuting any political bias in the legal proceedings.

The unfolding details from court filings, revealed by Just the News, indicate that White allegedly manipulated election results within the state’s reporting system, leading to inaccurate reporting of the election outcomes from Prince William County. These revelations add a new layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding the integrity of the 2020 election.

For former President Donald Trump, who has persistently highlighted irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election, these recent disclosures corroborate his claims. While it remains improbable that White’s actions substantially altered the election’s final results, these court findings challenge the narrative perpetuated by the mainstream media of the 2020 election being unequivocally secure. The emerging details underscore the need for continued scrutiny of election processes and a recognition that the election, contrary to prior assertions, faced issues that undermine its portrayal as the most secure in U.S. history.

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