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Shocking Revelation: Biden’s Plan to Replace U.S. Dollar

President Biden’s recent signing of Executive Order 14067 has raised concerns among conservatives, as it includes a provision that could grant the government extensive control over citizens’ money and freedom. This move was made without the approval of Congress or the American people, sparking worries about increased government surveillance, financial control, and the potential silencing of dissenting voices.

According to Fox News, this provision is a deeply troubling development that has gone largely unnoticed by the majority of Americans. Economist and former advisor to the CIA and the Pentagon, Jim Rickards, has recently sounded the alarm on this issue. In a critical presentation, he reveals the alarming truth about the executive order and its direct threat to the freedom of every American citizen.

Rickards believes that this executive order could mark the end of the U.S. dollar as we know it, predicting a significant upheaval. He compares it to previous events that shook the dollar’s stability, such as President Roosevelt’s confiscation of private gold in 1934 and President Nixon’s abandonment of the gold standard in 1971. Rickards warns that Biden’s plan may pave the way for retiring the U.S. dollar and introducing a concerning new alternative.

The economist emphasizes that Executive Order 14067 has already granted President Biden unprecedented power over the future of the U.S. dollar. Unfortunately, he believes that most Americans are completely unaware of the implications of this order. In response to these concerns, Rickards has released a presentation outlining four simple steps individuals can take today to prepare for the potential fallout and even profit from it.

Conservatives worry that this executive order represents a significant encroachment on individual liberties and economic stability. They believe that the government should not have such extensive control over citizens’ money and purchases, as it undermines free-market principles and personal freedom. The lack of congressional approval and public awareness regarding this order only adds to the concerns surrounding its implications.

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