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Shocking Docs: Intel Warned to Censor Islamic Terrorism Language

The ODNI’s internal newsletter, “The Dive,” obtained by The Daily Wire, reveals concerning directives regarding the discussion of Islamic terrorism and foreign adversaries like China. It urges personnel to avoid using “problematic phrases” when discussing terrorism, aiming to disentangle Islam from terms related to extremism. This move is part of the Biden administration’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within the intelligence community.

The newsletter’s guidance has sparked criticism from conservative lawmakers like Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Mike Waltz, who argue that prioritizing DEI over national security concerns is misguided. They view the emphasis on changing terminology as a return to the Obama administration’s approach to Islamic extremism, which they perceive as ineffective.

Furthermore, the newsletter’s attempt to purge “biased” terminology extends beyond discussions of terrorism, targeting everyday phrases like “cakewalk” and “blacklist.” This broader focus on language reflects the Biden administration’s efforts to promote inclusivity and sensitivity within the intelligence community.

The ODNI’s approach aligns with broader trends of advancing far-left ideologies in federal agencies under the Biden administration. This includes initiatives promoting DEI and addressing issues related to race and gender, which have been criticized by conservatives for prioritizing ideological agendas over national security and effective governance.

Overall, the ODNI’s newsletter underscores the ongoing tension between efforts to promote diversity and inclusion and concerns about the impact on national security and government operations. Conservative critics argue that prioritizing DEI initiatives risks undermining the core mission of intelligence agencies and diverting resources away from critical tasks.

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