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Shocking: DHS Conceals True Numbers of Released Illegal Migrants

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appears to be intentionally withholding crucial information regarding the monthly total of illegal migrants released into the United States after encounters with U.S. authorities at the border, according to Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge. Although DHS tracks the number of migrants released after such encounters, this data has not been made available to the public. Arthur contends that the motive behind this lack of transparency is to avoid shedding light on the Biden Administration’s handling of the situation, which could reflect negatively on them.

Arthur argues that DHS should disclose this information in the same manner that monthly data on illegal immigrant encounters is made publicly available online. He cites court-ordered disclosures in the lawsuit of Texas v. Biden, related to the Remain in Mexico policy, as evidence that DHS could provide data on the release of tens of thousands of illegal entrants encountered at the southwestern border. Despite this capability, the agency has refrained from doing so since August 2022 when these court orders were vacated.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has criticized the Biden administration for lacking transparency in revealing the number of migrants without legal U.S. status being released into the country. FAIR advocates for the release of pertinent information to the public, asserting that the public has a right to know. This sentiment aligns with the belief that greater transparency is essential to ensure accountability and informed decision-making.

Some lawmakers, such as Rep. Darrell Issa, have emphasized the importance of timely and accurate reporting on the number of migrants released by DHS. The desire for more transparency stems from concerns about the Biden administration’s motivations and the need for accurate information to assess the impact of immigration policies.

While the topic of migrant releases remains contentious, it is noteworthy that immigration policies can have far-reaching effects on communities and legal processes. Legislative actions like “Kate’s Law,” reintroduced by Senators Ted Cruz and Rep. Stephanie Bice, aim to enhance criminal penalties for illegal immigrants who commit felonies, raising questions about how the immigration system can address criminal behavior.

In conclusion, the lack of transparency in reporting data on released illegal migrants raises concerns about accountability and informed decision-making. Advocates for greater transparency argue that the public has a right to accurate information to understand the impact of immigration policies. This issue continues to highlight the broader debate over immigration reform and its implications for communities and national security.

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