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Popular Kids’ Game Exposed Promoting Child Sex Grooming

‘Roblox’, a game targeted towards children with its simple graphics, blocky characters, and an E for Everyone rating, has been found to contain sexually explicit spaces called ‘condos’, which feature players discussing adult topics and engaging in virtual sex acts.

A recent report from the BBC exposed the adult side of the ‘Roblox’ community, describing these condos as featuring a man wearing a Nazi uniform, a couple openly having sex in front of a group of spectators, and people engaging in BDSM play – all on a platform that is among the most popular children’s games in the world…

The issue stems from the fact that ‘Roblox’ is not actually a game in the traditional sense; it is a platform where users can create custom games using its assets, as well as importing their own. Players can then share their creations with others and even earn money by having their game succeed…

This isn’t the first time the company has been under fire for malicious practices on its platform. Earlier reports suggested that there was also rampant child abuse and exploitation, with kids being tricked into developing games for third-party companies, often without pay and under stressful conditions. Read more…

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