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PolitiFact Protects Biden: Conceals Link to Laken Riley’s Murder!

PolitiFact, a self-proclaimed “fact checker,” has asserted that President Biden bears no responsibility for the tragic murder of a nursing student by an illegal border crosser because “Biden does not decide who is released into the country.” However, this assertion overlooks the significant role that Biden’s policies and decisions regarding immigration play in shaping who enters the United States.

Contrary to PolitiFact’s claims, the president holds extensive authority over immigration policies and procedures, directly influencing who is permitted entry into the country. Border officials, who are under the jurisdiction of Biden and his appointed leadership, ultimately decide whom to release into the U.S. This decision-making power underscores Biden’s responsibility in shaping the outcomes of immigration enforcement and border security.

Recent events, such as the murder of the nursing student, serve as stark reminders of the consequences of Biden’s border policies. U.S. Senator Katie Britt of Alabama rightly attributed the tragic incident to “President Biden’s senseless border policies,” highlighting the direct link between Biden’s actions and the influx of illegal border crossers.

PolitiFact’s assertion lacks evidentiary support and overlooks key facts regarding Biden’s role in shaping immigration policies. Biden’s decision to suspend and later terminate the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which facilitated the release of migrants into the U.S., directly contributed to the entry of individuals like Jose Ibarra, the perpetrator of the heinous crime.

The broader issue of crimes committed by non-citizens, particularly homicides, underscores the need for a comprehensive assessment of immigration policies and their impact on public safety. While media attention often focuses on isolated incidents, data reveals that murders committed by non-citizens occur at a significantly higher rate than other types of homicides.

PolitiFact’s track record of spreading misinformation extends beyond the issue of immigration, encompassing various topics ranging from tax policies to healthcare. The organization’s propensity to advance leftist narratives and distort the truth underscores the importance of critically evaluating its claims and assertions.

In conclusion, the tragic murder of Laken Riley serves as a poignant reminder of the real-world consequences of immigration policies. Rather than deflecting blame, it is imperative to hold leaders like President Biden accountable for their role in shaping policies that impact public safety and national security.

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