Penn State Prof Arrested for Beating Student

Penn State professor Walter Oliver Baker was arrested and charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and simple assault following an altercation with a counter-protester on August 27. The protest in demand of a university vaccine mandate was organized by Coalition For A Just University (CJU), a group that is “committed to working for greater transparency, equity, job security, and safety in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and for the meaningful involvement of faculty and other workers in decision-making processes at the university.”

National File previously reported on the altercation in which Penn State Junior Avi Rachlin was assaulted at a protest organized by CJU. The August 27 event was organized in demand of a vaccine mandate for Penn State students, prompting Rachlin to show up and counter protest.

Rachlin, who was carrying a sign, was eventually swarmed by pro-vaccine protestors. One of the protesters struck Rachlin with his shoulder, leaving him with a bloody nose and a trip to the hospital. Police now say that was a Penn State professor. Read more…

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