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Outrageous! Harvard Protest Erupts: Chanting ‘Palestine Is Arab’ Shocks

Harvard University witnessed a contentious “emergency die-in” protest on the Widener Library steps, marked by students chanting “Palestine is Arab.” This radical anti-Israel demonstration, organized by various Harvard student groups, included a chant in Arabic that translates to “from water to water, Palestine is Arab.” This chant, reminiscent of the “from the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free” slogan, is often associated with pro-Palestinian radicals and is deemed by some as a call for the ethnic cleansing of Jewish and other non-Arab populations residing in Israel.

The event, publicized on Instagram by the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee, accused Israel of attacking Gaza’s last “safe zone” and alleged Harvard’s complicity by funding companies linked to Israeli apartheid. Harvard student Shabbos Kestenbaum, currently suing the institution for enabling anti-Semitism, highlighted a broader pattern of anti-Semitic incidents at Harvard. He recounted instances of harassment, including an employee taunting him with a machete, removal from a student forum for suggesting pressuring terrorists to release kidnapped babies, and encountering unsanctioned protests with chants of “Palestine will be Arab.”

Kestenbaum asserted that anti-Semitism is not merely a problem at Harvard but a feature ingrained in the university’s culture. The university’s response to terrorist massacres has drawn criticism, leading to the departure of former president Claudine Gay amid backlash over her statements on combating anti-Semitism on campus.

Harvard’s anti-Israel groups faced a similar protest disruption the previous week when Korean Christians intervened, playing worship music and vocally defending Israel against the students’ chants. Pastor Joseph Kim characterized the situation at Harvard as abnormal and broken, attributing it to excessive liberalism. The intrusion by Korean Christians aimed to counteract the prevailing liberal atmosphere and promote healing.

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