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NY Times Publishes Crossword Resembling Swastika on First Day of Hanukkah

The New York Times came under fire Sunday for publishing a crossword puzzle resembling a Nazi swastika, with readers pointing out its appearance coincided with the first day of the festival of Hanukkah, which commemorates the liberation of the Jewish people.

Donald Trump Jr. blasted the image as “disgusting.”

“Only the New York Times would get Chanukah going with this is the crossword puzzle,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter. “Imagine what they would do to someone who did this and was not ideologically aligned with them? I’ll give them the same benefit of the doubt they would give those people… exactly zero,” he continued.

Pro-Israel group S.A.F.E. CUNY wrote, “Today’s Crossword Puzzle from the New York Times for Chanukah. Pretty much sums up the @nytimes for the past few years in regard to Jews and Israel.” NYC Council member Kalman Yeger wrote, “A hidden Happy Chanukah message in today’s @nytimes crossword?” Read more…

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