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Michigan Township Rebels, Forms Militia After Gun Sanctuary

The ongoing Biden Border Crisis has drawn attention to Chicago and New York City, where attempts were made to counter the shipment of illegal aliens to their respective “sanctuary cities.” However, despite being committed to their sanctuary status earlier, these Democrat-run cities faced challenges when it came to actually providing sanctuary, exposing what some perceive as typical liberal hypocrisy.

In contrast, a different form of sanctuary status emerged in Holton Township, Michigan, making waves for its stand on Second Amendment rights and the establishment of a township militia. The Township Board of Trustees recently passed a resolution declaring the township as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” while introducing an addendum outlining the formation of a township militia.

The resolution explicitly expressed the township’s intent to uphold Second Amendment rights and resist any unconstitutional attempts to restrict these rights, particularly red flag laws limiting firearms or ammunition possession. This stance aligns with concerns about the violation of due process and constitutional rights posed by red flag laws, as they permit firearm confiscation without proper legal process or defense.

Moreover, the Township Militia Addendum outlined policies for Holton Township residents to join a militia composed of legal citizens. Eligible candidates, aged 18 or older, must pass a federal firearms background check and provide their own firearms adhering to federal and state regulations. Specific criteria were set for the types of firearms, ammunition, and accessories permissible under federal standards since March 27, 2021.

The township’s initiative highlights its residents’ commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights and ensuring their safety by establishing community-driven measures. This move reflects a proactive approach to address concerns about potential threats and infringements on Second Amendment liberties from those advocating for stricter gun control laws.

Ultimately, the Holton Township Board’s resolution and militia addendum showcase a local community’s dedication to safeguarding their constitutional rights while taking charge of their own security in the face of perceived threats and regulatory overreach.

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