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Michigan School District Approves Transgender Policy Including Restrooms, Sports

A Southeast Michigan school district is clearing the way for its transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms they identify with; the same goes for sports.

Under the new policy, born females who are transgender can use male facilities and participate in male sports, and vice-versa, WDIV Local 4 reports. It was approved by the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Board of Education during a virtual meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

The policy is aimed at providing a “more safe, welcoming environment to all of our students… especially those who are often marginalized, bullied and assaulted at higher rates,” said Patti McCoin, school board president.

The policy has been in the works for about a year, the TV station reports. While there were comments for and against it during the meeting, most were in favor. Read more…

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