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Liberal Madness! Outrageous University Courses You Won’t Believe

In 2022, Princeton University stirred controversy by introducing unique courses like “FAT: The F-Word and the Public Body” and “Anthropology of Religion: Fetishism and Decolonization.” This move generated attention, raising concerns about the university’s academic offerings. Princeton’s hefty tuition, exceeding $59,000 annually and potentially reaching over $76,000 with housing and food expenses, sparked discussions about the value proposition of these unconventional courses amidst rising costs.

Westminster College caught attention for its course, “How to Be a Bitch,” aiming to scrutinize the terms “bitch” and “bossy,” considering them as intriguing yet contentious. Meanwhile, Wesleyan University offered thought-provoking courses like “Queer Russia,” exploring the queer influence on Russian culture, and “Bad Sex,” questioning the significance of modesty in sexual relations.

Furthermore, Wesleyan’s decision to cover abortion-related costs and emergency contraception for students in fall 2023 fueled debates, especially considering the university’s annual tuition exceeding $66,000 and housing costs nearly hitting $20,000. Occidental College in California provided a course titled “Black Queer Thought,” critiquing societal constructs like heteronormativity, white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism.

Southern University of Oregon’s “Decolonizing Transgender” course delved into the evolution of the term “transgender” across multiple contexts, forming a segment of the university’s “Certificate in Transgender Studies.” The University of Chicago gained notoriety for its course titled “Queering God,” which pondered upon the potential queerness of God and its connection to various religions.

Northwestern University offered the course “Unsettling Whiteness,” aiming to dissect the historical, political, and cultural formation of whiteness in Western modernity. Meanwhile, Davidson College presented a course titled “Latinx Sexual Dissidence and Guerrilla Translation,” merging feminist, queer, body positivity, and leftist activism within its curriculum.

Concerns were raised about these courses, their relevance, and the ideological leanings of these academic institutions, but inquiries to Westminster College, Princeton, Wesleyan, Occidental College, Southern University of Oregon, Northwestern, the University of Chicago, and Davidson College regarding these courses went unanswered, leading to further questions about the rationale behind their academic offerings.

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