Georgia: White Student Brutally Attacked; No Punishment for the Perp

A high school student in Georgia was brutally beaten in an “unprovoked” attack during a basketball game while other students stood by ​​laughing, according to the victim’s parents.

“People actually applauded. I don’t understand that. I can’t even now understand it. I don’t know where the disconnect is with seeing someone get hurt and finding joy and humor. I can’t fathom that and it haunts me,” Allyssa Brooke-Cox told Fox 5 of her son’s attack.

Nick Cox was attacked at a recreation center in July in Sugar Hill when he was 16, and was left with a broken jaw, a severe concussion, and whiplash.

“He has a broken jaw in three places,” Allyssa Brooke-Cox said. “It was a clean break on the right side and two breaks on the right. His jaw actually twisted into his mouth, so it broke through the skin.”

On his 17th birthday, Cox was being fed liquids through a syringe and might need to undergo additional reconstructive surgeries. Read more…

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