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Exposed: The Left’s Sinister Plot to Target Our Children

It is concerning to witness the ongoing chant at LGBTQ events, where participants proclaim, “We’re coming for your children.” This chant reveals three troubling motives: recruitment, pedophilia, and intimidation.

Recruitment is essential for the LGBTQ community to sustain its numbers since same-sex relationships do not naturally produce offspring. While artificial insemination and surrogacy can be utilized, active recruiting remains necessary to maintain their population.

Pedophilia is an uncomfortable truth that some individuals within the LGBTQ community engage in. Groups like the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) have adopted new terminologies, such as “minor-attracted individuals,” in an attempt to gain acceptance. This perverse attraction to children is an unsettling reality that we cannot ignore, as evidenced by stories of exploitation within organizations like the Boy Scouts and cases involving abusive priests.

Intimidation is another goal behind the chant. LGBTQ groups seek to make heterosexual individuals feel uncomfortable and harassed, holding them accountable for any slurs or mistreatment they have endured. Shockingly, they resort to targeting children as a means of leveling the playing field, despite the repugnance of such actions. Their chant is not a mere joke but a deliberate effort to be taken seriously.

The signs of their desire for children are evident in various aspects of society. The far Left advocates for the recognition of “minor-attracted persons” as a valid category, attempting to normalize their inclinations. Some LGBTQ groups actively involve young children in events like Drag Queen Story Hour and drag shows, parading themselves in front of impressionable minds. Inappropriately dressed individuals in these settings often expose themselves to children.

The LGBTQ community heavily influences media and entertainment, relentlessly targeting children. Movies, TV shows, books, and internet content are inundated with LGBTQ themes, with a clear mission to captivate young audiences. They push for gay studies to be incorporated into academic curricula at all levels, and children’s libraries are filled with books centered around LGBTQ topics. Furthermore, they shamelessly promote their pornography to children, considering it acceptable rather than exploitative.

Retail stores are not immune to this influence either. Some companies face backlash for stocking clothing targeted at young children that emphasizes bisexuality or “gender fluidity.” The LGBTQ community exerts persistent pressure on corporations to promote their products, specifically those appealing to children.

The zealousness of the LGBTQ community in their pursuit of cultural dominance over children is evident. Behaviors like naked bike rides in the presence of children showcase their disregard for appropriate boundaries. When encountering the chant, “We are coming for our children,” it is essential not to dismiss it lightly. It represents a concerted effort and a long-term campaign to normalize behaviors that many consider perverse.

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