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Disneyland’s Shocking Move: ‘Wheel of Privilege’ Sparks Controversy!

Disneyland has faced criticism for posters displaying a “wheel of power/privilege,” which suggests that traits such as being white, cisgender male, owning property, or speaking English confer unearned privilege, while characteristics like being dark-skinned, transgender, homeless, or not speaking English are considered marginalized. Obtained by The Daily Wire, the images reveal the divisive content posted in employee spaces at Disneyland. The wheel is divided like a dart board, with “power” at the center and traits spreading outward. The controversial materials, placed in the production kitchen at Disneyland, have stirred dissatisfaction among employees.

According to the provided definition of “privilege,” it is described as unearned access or advantage granted to specific groups based on their social identity. The poster asserts that members of privileged social groups, such as white, male, or wealthy individuals, have historically held dominance and power over targeted groups. It encourages individuals to accept their privileges to gain awareness of the perspectives of others and acknowledge the hindrance to their understanding of the world.

The anonymous source, working for Walt Disney Company, expressed concerns about such materials, stating that they are “destroying the magic” of the park. The source, along with other cast members, feels that the divisive messaging goes against the founder’s vision, particularly Walt Disney’s welcoming ethos. The employee emphasized the negative impact on the park’s atmosphere, making people feel unwelcome and undermining the magical experience.

The Daily Wire reached out to the Walt Disney Company for comment but received no response. However, within hours of the inquiry, the source reported that a manager removed the poster. The move sparked further debate about Disney’s shift towards “wokeness,” with criticisms of films seen as promoting leftist political agendas and admissions from top-ranking employees about pushing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” The company’s financial losses on certain movies and CEO Bob Iger’s acknowledgment of losing sight of entertainment in favor of political messaging have also fueled the controversy.

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