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Disney Actress Flips Script on ‘Snow White’ Critique

Disney actress Rachel Zegler, who had previously been critical of the 1937 animated film “Snow White,” recently shifted her perspective during an interview with Variety, expressing admiration for the movie as a significant milestone in film history. In a conversation with fellow Disney actress Halle Bailey, Zegler lauded the classic as a pivotal moment in cinema that played a fundamental role in shaping Disney’s success and legacy.

Her past comments about the original “Snow White,” where she admitted finding it off-putting and expressed disdain for its themes, have now taken a different tone. Zegler emphasized her appreciation for Disney’s contributions, clarifying that she loves everything the company has produced since its inception, retracting her earlier sentiments about the film that she had found unappealing as a child.

Previously, Zegler had been vocal about her objections to the narrative of the original “Snow White,” asserting that the new rendition of the story wouldn’t involve the damsel-in-distress trope or the typical prince-saving-the-princess ending. She indicated a departure from the traditional storyline, stating that the updated “Snow White” would focus on empowering the character to become a leader, breaking away from the conventional theme of true love and Prince Charming rescuing her.

Her recent change in tone coincides with the announcement of The Daily Wire’s own adaptation of “Snow White and the Evil Queen,” set to be released in 2024 and featuring actress and Daily Wire host Brett Cooper. Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of The Daily Wire, criticized Disney’s approach to their new adaptation, accusing the company of disavowing its classic animated version and embracing what he called destructive contemporary narratives instead of timeless truths found in ancient fairy tales.

Boreing speculated that Disney’s decision to delay their remake’s release by a year might involve significant reshoots to align it more closely with their original classic film. He also hinted at potential challenges faced by actors like Rachel Zegler, who had previously been critical of the film’s themes and may now need to reconcile their previous denouncements with the new direction of Disney’s adaptation.

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