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Brave GOP Lawmaker Slams Sex-Change Ops’ Shocking Failure

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Chloe Cole courageously shared her experience with gender-changing treatments, shedding light on a concerning issue: children directing their own medical treatment. Her testimony drew attention to the pressing need for Congress to take action and protect vulnerable children from the harmful effects of such interventions.

Republican congresswoman Harriet Hageman stood out during the hearing, earning praise from conservatives on social media for her straightforward statements. Hageman boldly declared that there is no successful sex change operation, emphasizing that it’s not possible to change one’s biological sex. This unapologetic truth-telling resonated with many who believe in the importance of biological realities.

Hageman continued to challenge the narrative pushed by the extreme left, stating that there are only two sexes, male and female, and that one cannot become the other. Her statements highlighted the current divisiveness within the Democratic Party, which claims to follow science on certain issues but denies the scientific fact that biological sex is immutable.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Hageman reiterated the indisputable fact that 100% of “sex change” surgeries fail because one’s biological sex cannot be altered. She likened the promotion of gender-affirming care for children to the cruel and barbaric practice of lobotomies in the past, predicting that history will judge it in a similarly negative light.

Cole’s emotional plea before Congress brought attention to the devastating impact of gender treatments and surgeries on young lives. She candidly shared how her childhood was ruined, emphasizing that what she truly needed was compassion, love, and therapy to work through her issues rather than being affirmed in a delusion.

Overall, the House Judiciary Committee hearing provided an opportunity for conservatives to speak up against harmful practices that put children at risk. Harriet Hageman’s courage in challenging the prevailing narrative and Chloe Cole’s poignant testimony served as reminders of the importance of protecting the well-being of children and upholding scientific truths.

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