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Black Lives Matter Commends Iran’s Horrifying Terror Assaults

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has come under scrutiny for its response to the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, with accusations of anti-Semitic rhetoric and support for terrorist actions. The organization, which emerged in the aftermath of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case, has faced criticism for its stance on Israel dating back to its early days.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the primary BLM group, has been accused of aligning with Hamas’s objective of dismantling the Jewish state. The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has highlighted BLM’s stance on the issue.

The New York Post reported on BLM’s support for the Palestinian cause and terrorist attacks. The organization’s history of anti-Israel sentiments stretches back to its founding in July 2013, which followed George Zimmerman’s acquittal.

One of BLM’s co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, engaged in anti-Israel rhetoric while visiting the country about two years after the organization’s inception. These actions and sentiments have led some to accuse BLM of endorsing terrorist actions and voicing anti-Semitic viewpoints.

This alignment with anti-Israel sentiments has prompted criticism and accusations that corporate leaders who have donated to BLM were deceived, further fueling the controversy surrounding the organization.

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