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Biden’s FAA Shockingly Targets ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Psychiatric’ Disabilities for Recruitment

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is drawing attention for its diversity and inclusion initiative, specifically its focus on hiring individuals with “severe intellectual disability.” As part of the People with Disabilities Program, the FAA asserts that those with targeted or severe disabilities are an under-represented segment in the federal workforce. The agency actively recruits, hires, and promotes individuals with various disabilities, including hearing and vision impairments, missing extremities, paralysis, epilepsy, psychiatric disabilities, and dwarfism.

Critics argue that this prioritization may impact safety, especially in the wake of incidents like the Alaska Airlines emergency landing caused by a blown-off door plug. Tech mogul Elon Musk raised concerns about whether prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in hiring could compromise safety in the aviation industry. He pointed out the potential risks, stating, “Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritize DEI hiring over your safety? That is actually happening.” Musk went further to assert that people’s lives could be at risk due to DEI initiatives.

Boeing, a major player in the aviation industry, has also faced scrutiny for integrating DEI into its hiring practices. The controversy has gained momentum amid reports of 19 instances of near collisions at airports in the first ten months of 2023, the highest number since 2016. The FAA’s challenges in recruiting more air traffic controllers have contributed to concerns about safety, given the increase in daily flights and a decrease in the number of fully certified air traffic controllers over the past decade.

The FAA defends its approach, emphasizing that it seeks qualified candidates from diverse sources who must meet rigorous qualifications specific to each position. The agency’s commitment to promoting diversity within its workforce is evident in its People with Disabilities Program, which extends opportunities to individuals with various disabilities. However, the ongoing debate raises questions about the potential trade-offs between diversity initiatives and ensuring the highest standards of safety and competence in the aviation sector.

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