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Biden Admin’s Alarming 8-Step Push for Child Transgender Agenda!

In 2023, the Biden administration fervently pushed the normalization of gender dysphoria, significantly targeting children. This aggressive approach became apparent in several instances, raising concerns among conservatives regarding the overt promotion of gender confusion.

During Pride Month, President Biden’s proclamation criticized states aiming to protect children from gender-affirming procedures. His statements condemned such protective measures as “hateful,” a stance that contradicts parents’ concerns about irreversible surgeries for young children.

Biden’s social media clip proclaiming that LGBTQI+ children are “all our kids” fueled further controversy. This communal approach, often seen in leftist policies, dismisses parental rights and suggests that politicians know what’s best for children, not their parents.

A White House “Pride Month” celebration led by Biden faced unexpected controversy when transgender activists exposed their topless chests, raising questions about the event’s family-friendly nature and the message conveyed to children.

Admiral Rachel Levine, Biden’s transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, extended June’s Pride Month into a “summer of pride.” Levine, known for advocating for the transgender agenda, labeled hormone therapy and surgeries as “medically necessary” for transgender youth, despite contradicting evidence.

Furthermore, Biden and his administration stigmatized parents who safeguard their children from transgender ideology, branding them as “hysterical” and “prejudiced.” Biden condemned bills targeting transgender children, dismissing concerned parents as unjustified and wrong.

Levine, in another instance, reinforced the administration’s stance by advocating for transgender surgeries for minors, claiming that political landscapes may shift favorably toward the acceptance of these procedures in the future.

Additionally, several federal agencies, including the Department of State, Department of Justice, and Department of Transportation, joined the administration in promoting “pride,” displaying rainbow flags in support of the cause.

Conservatives are alarmed by these actions, fearing the normalization of gender dysphoria and the potential long-term effects on vulnerable children. The administration’s aggressive advocacy of gender confusion and its disregard for parental concerns have sparked significant controversy and criticism among conservatives.

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