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AOC Debuts Dumbest “Solution” to Illegal Immigration You’ll Ever Hear

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) made a recent appearance on the Daily Show with Desus Nice, where she delved into immigration reform, touching on her solution to the issue: “trying to document people and create a path to citizenship.” This interview from October has resurfaced, garnering attention in the wake of a surge in illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in December.

Desus Nice queried Ocasio-Cortez about her perspective on immigration, emphasizing its impact on New York City. Highlighting the diversity in her district, he inquired about potential federal interventions to address the matter. AOC’s response pivoted around the undocumented population, underscoring it as a pivotal issue across the political spectrum. She suggested addressing this by opting to document individuals rather than erecting barriers like walls.

This stance generated applause from the audience, resonating with her suggestion of integrating undocumented individuals into the system rather than creating exclusionary mechanisms. However, recent reports highlight a surge in migrants seeking identification cards in New York City, aligning with a record-high number of over 300,000 illegal immigrant encounters at the US-Mexico border in December.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City expressed concern over the escalating illegal immigration, acknowledging its burdensome impact on residents. He lamented the lack of adequate federal support from the Biden administration in handling the crisis, acknowledging the strain it puts on New Yorkers.

Regarding immigration assistance, AOC’s congressional page directs those seeking help to ActionNY. However, recent checks reveal that the referenced page from ActionNY either no longer exists or is outdated as of Monday morning, casting uncertainty on the resources available for aiding illegal immigrants seeking legal assistance.

This resurfaced interview has rekindled discussions about immigration policies, showcasing AOC’s advocacy for a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented population, albeit against the backdrop of escalating immigration challenges faced by New York City and the lack of clarity regarding available legal support resources for immigrants.

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