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Alarm Bells Ring: 2800+ Illegals Flood Tucson Sector!

The current situation at the United States’ southern border, particularly in the Tucson sector of Arizona, paints a distressing picture of an escalating crisis. In a single day, over 2,800 illegal immigrants crossed into America, marking a significant surge. What compounds this issue is the perceived leniency of the Biden administration, seemingly providing these undocumented individuals with taxpayer-funded benefits without comprehensive vetting.

Living in the heart of this turmoil, the Tucson Border Sector, reveals the gravity of the situation. It has become an epicenter of the Biden border crisis, witnessing a relentless influx of illegal immigrants. This surge brings with it an unknown number of individuals, including criminals, child traffickers, and potentially even terrorists. Arizona has grappled with illegal immigration for years, but under President Biden, the situation has exponentially worsened. As of the beginning of 2023, the cost to taxpayers for accommodating illegal migrants reached a staggering $150.7 billion.

Reports from NewsNation correspondent Ali Bradley shed light on the severity of the situation. She highlighted the overwhelming numbers—more than 15,700 migrants encountered by the Tucson Sector Border Patrol in just a week. Many of these individuals, predominantly young men, hail from countries like Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, and Liberia, aiming for destinations like Chicago, Texas, and Virginia, citing the perceived opportunities available in these regions.

The concerning aspect is the presence of criminals among these migrants. Border Patrol statistics reveal a significant increase in the arrest of criminal illegal immigrants. This surge, from 2,438 in FY2020 to 15,267 in FY2023, signifies a disturbing trend. Furthermore, these criminals don’t just stop at the border; they infiltrate communities across America, contributing to over 430,000 criminal offenses in Texas alone since 2011.

Adding to this disquieting scenario are reports of criminal gang members posing as migrants, infiltrating the country with nefarious intentions. Immigration lawyer Rolando Vazquez warned of their potential to perpetrate attacks on American citizens. The alarming possibility of terrorist cells exploiting the porous southern border also looms large. Border Patrol encountered 172 individuals on the terror watchlist in FY2023, while almost 75,000 illegal aliens were flagged across the nation due to potential ties to terrorism.

The gravity of the issue extends far beyond the Tucson sector; it has nationwide implications. The lax border policies under President Biden appear to facilitate the entry of criminals and potential threats into the country, amplifying the risks faced by communities across America.

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