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Air Force’s Controversial Warning: Avoid Pro-Trump Rally

The leadership at a North Dakota airbase recently advised its service members against attending a pro-Trump rally, issuing a caution that their participation could potentially impact their military careers. A text message was sent to servicemen and women, urging them to exercise caution in proximity to a conservative Turning Point Action event happening nearby, labeling the host of the “Dakota Patriot Rally” as being linked to an “alt-right organization.”

The text, excerpted from the MDG chat, cautioned, “Leaders, please exercise caution downtown this weekend… an event going at the fairgrounds downtown called the Dakota Patriot Rally… Please advise your folks that if they are going to be downtown this weekend, it’s good to be cautious, as the crowds this event may attract could be confrontational to military members.”

Additionally, it mentioned that participation in groups like Turning Point Action might jeopardize their service in the military. The message also referenced a shooting incident in Minot, although its connection to the event was uncertain.

The Dakota Patriot Rally’s guest speaker highlighted in the warning was Tyler Bowyer, Turning Point Action’s Chief Operating Officer, according to the event’s website. Responding to this, Congressman Cory Mills (R-FL) called for an investigation by the Armed Services Committee.

Turning Point Action condemned the military leaders’ text, denouncing it as “absolutely appalling.” They clarified that attendees of their events were not confrontational towards military members but were, in fact, some of the “U.S. Military’s most ardent supporters.”

The spokesperson for Turning Point Action criticized the dissuasion of servicemen and women from affiliating with conservative groups and leaders, demanding an investigation and accountability for those responsible. They emphasized that this situation indicates a significant problem at the Minot Air Force base and requires immediate attention, especially considering its potential impact on military recruitment goals.

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