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The Doctor Is In(sane): One Mom’s Story of Faith, Parenting, and Children’s Health

Malpractice Versus Faith

A Warning:

Hard to believe, but I have a kid approaching driving age. He’s a wonderful boy, in every way. Devout, intelligent, and obsessed with basketball and video games, says his prayers every night before bed. Always reminds me to do penance on Fridays if I forget what day it is and eat meat (what day is this?). Anyway, the Catholic formation we attempted, albeit imperfectly, to impose on him took. It blossomed.

Our son is always dressed for sports practice. He asked for a new weight bench and plates for Christmas. He spent all of lockdown working out, just to make himself into a better basketball player. He measures himself every day and prays for more height. He is obviously, and very apparently, comfortable with all aspects of boyhood.

When it comes to his gender identity, the science is not only settled, but set in stone. You would have to be an imbecile not to see this instantly.

Or a pediatrician. Read more…

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