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Yes, Public Health Officials Did Deliberately Make Your Life Worse

Joe Walsh, the former radio host and congressman who went from mindless MAGA drone to mindless Resistance grifter, wants to know if you really think that public health bureaucrats purposely made people’s lives worse during the pandemic.

The answer is a resounding yes. And you do not have to look very hard to find the proof.

Walsh has chosen to peddle the same idea from the Atlantic’s article about “pandemic amnesty.” “We simply didn’t know better” is the mantra of the (mostly liberal) pundits who wish to absolve themselves of pandemic failures. Walsh is carrying the same mantra forward, using similar excuses: “It was a once in a lifetime pandemic. Of course mistakes were going to be made.”

Those precious scientists and public health officials “did their best,” he argues. They were only stunningly incompetent in the face of a generational pandemic, according to Walsh, which is hardly a good defense. Read more…

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