White Woman Not Woke Enough After Forcing Kids to Worship Black Women

After a white mother named Justine Champion forced her four young sons to worship black women, a woke backlash forced her to pull the video.

She then tried to stop being “problematic” with a second video, but was attacked by the Woke Nazis over that one, as well.

Obviously, I have no sympathy for Ms. Champion. Using your children like that is grotesque in the extreme. But this is a lesson in how white people can never grovel enough to our Woke Fascist Overlords, which is all part of the plan. The simplest and most effective way to terrorize fools like Mother Champion is to forever change the rules, or better yet, to have no rules at all.

So on December 30, Champion published a Tik Tok video of her four young sons worshiping black women. “Me teaching my white boys how to behave,” the text on the video explained. Read more…

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