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Watch This Mom Light Up the School Board

An upset mom gave a fiery rant calling out leftist authoritarians on the Clark County Board of Commissioners, who discussed implementing a vaccine incentive program for city workers.

During the meeting last week, Stephanie Kinsley blasted the board for throwing more taxpayer money at fruitless Covid-19 efforts, when it could be better spent elsewhere.

“Why don’t we spend that 10 million dollars trying to figure out where all these missing children go?” Stephanie Kinsley said. “How about that’s more important than COVID.”

“All the Democrats seem to be really in favor of it. If they’re not killing babies through Planned Parenthood, they’re sticking a needle in their arm.”

The mom goes on to call the board a “monarchy” after the results of the 2020 election were unproven, and tells parents who mask and vaccinate their kids that they’ve “capitulated to tyrants.” Read more…

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