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Watch: Patriot Parents Blanket Commie School in American Flags

Parents and community members have redecorated the grounds of a southern California school with American flags, in an act of protest in response to a teacher revealing that she had instructed her students to pledge allegiance to the LGBT Pride flag as an alternative to the national flag.

Small American flags now surround the entrance sign and front lawn of Back Bay and Monte Vista High School in Costa Mesa. The school is located in Orange County, a longtime Republican holdout in left-wing southern California that narrowly tipped Democratic in the past two federal elections.

Newport-Mesa Unified School District announced that Kristin Pitzen had been removed from classroom duties following the controversy in a statement released Monday. Pitzin revealed in a TikTok video how she had removed the American flag- which had made her “uncomfortable”- from her classroom, and conveniently pointed to the LGBT flag as an alternative for the Pledge of Allegiance. Read more…

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