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Vaccines: Now Biden is Dishing Out Threats

Biden said “a quarter of the country” will “have a problem” if they don’t accept the controversial vaccine.

Despite worker shortages across the economy, including in the health care industry, Joe Biden says Americans working in “some industries and some schools” must reach a vaccination rate of either 97% or 98% in remarks he made while getting his third Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine dose, now described as a booster.

Immediately after Biden received the vaccine, a reporter asked the 78-year-old, “How many Americans need to be vaccinated for us to go back to normal?” Biden offered a meandering supply that some have interpreted as a declaration that 98% of the population must become vaccinated, though it seems as though Biden may have been referring to industries like healthcare as well as an unspecified subsection of “schools.” Read more…

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