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Trannies Traumatize 6yo Girl at WI Spa

Following reports of a woman at Los Angeles-area’s ‘Wi Spa’ yelling at employees after suffering a traumatic event of a man walking through the women’s locker room with “his penis hanging out, another incident at the same spa has been revealed.

An anonymous woman who calls herself ‘Anita’ recently told the Daily Mail that she took her six-year-old daughter to the same Los Angeles Korean spa last year, and experienced an incident seemingly worse than the one described in recent viral reports.

Anita, who asked the Daily Mail to obscure her identity out of fear of being ‘canceled’ and losing her job, was shocked to come across a viral video describing a similar incident at the spa.

While Anita was there, a naked man confidently joined the women’s space – which included several small children. Then the fully nude man sat down in the hot tub with the group of women.

‘We were in there with five or six other women. She was swimming and splashing at me and stuff,’ she said.

‘Then these three people came and sat down on the edge of the hot tub. It was two women and what appeared 100% to be a man.’ Read more…

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