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These Are the States Cracking Down on Transgender Surgeries for Kids

Seven states took steps to restrict childhood sex change procedures ranging from social transitions to surgeries in 2022 amid growing concern about the procedures’ safety and effectiveness.

The gender transition process for minors can include socially transitioning through a new name and pronouns of the opposite sex, as well as through medical interventions like puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and various surgeries, all of which are legal for children in most U.S. states. Several Republican-led states have moved to ban some or all of these procedures for minors, often arguing that, while most adolescents grow out of their gender dysphoria by the time they reach adulthood, these medical interventions are irreversible.

Alabama, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma banned medical transitions for minors in 2022, joining a handful of states which had already done so. Read more…

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